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We are Jones Brothers Loft Conversions, an established and highly regarded loft conversion company based in Ewell. Ashtead is just one of many local areas where our loft conversion specialists transform homes for discerning property owners. In most residential properties, lofts tend to be underused or become a haven for personal belongings and clutter. We take that space and use a variety of different styles to turn them into bespoke attic conversions.


There are, in fact, five different loft conversions we can provide for homeowners in Ashtead and the surrounding Surrey area. Like all good loft conversion specialists, we make suitable recommendations for properties based on the amount of space available, the layout of a home and what the client wishes to achieve through our loft conversion company.


Below, we have provided brief details of how we can covert a loft or attic:


Single Dormer – Our loft conversion company uses the single dormer style to gain a little more space in lofts, but mainly to increase the amount of light. Dormers can be found on more traditional properties in Ashtead and can date back as far as the 16th century. These loft conversions and attic conversions won’t require planning permission, if any work being carried out doesn’t compromise the current aesthetics of the property.


Full Width Dormer – Reputable loft conversion specialists can use full width dormer styles to extend vertically from the existing roofing structure, and this particular option can run across the entire length of a property. Full width dormers add vast amounts of space to existing lofts, and prove to be more popular with homeowners throughout the Surrey area who are looking to create a master suite or somewhere luxurious to relax.


L-Shaped Dormer – These are much rarer loft conversions, and can only be used at properties in Ashtead and Surrey where there is already a certain structure in place. Victorian properties are more suited to L-shaped attic conversions, as are some homes with extensions and corner terrace houses. Our loft conversion specialists can gain the greatest amount of space using this style, and lofts can usually be made into totally separate rooms.


Hip to Gable – Like any good loft conversion company covering Ashtead, we can work with the hip to gable style where the sloped roof edges (knows as the hips) are converted into gable walls. These styles of attic conversions are popular with homeowners because of the extra headroom they can add to a property. They also add a considerable amount of floor space to lofts, and this makes them especially suitable for use as play areas and studios.


Mansard – Jones Brother Loft Conversions tend to opt for the mansard style when headroom is a matter of concern for our customers. This work is extensive, and our loft conversion specialists will need to remove a section of the roof. This makes planning permission mandatory, but our loft conversion company has many years of experience in dealing with local authorities not just in Ashtead, but also throughout the surrounding area.

At Jones Brother Loft Conversions, we take underused space in Ashtead lofts and provide our customers with valuable, welcome living areas. Call us on 0208 393 8545 for a quotation.

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