Loft Conversions in Banstead


Converting empty lofts into useable rooms is arguably one of the best and most cost-effective ways of adding value to properties in Banstead, not to mention the benefits that come with increasing the amount of liveable space available. This is why, whether you want another bedroom, entertainment room for your teenagers, an office, or a gym, attic conversions are one of the most popular types of home developments in the UK.


There are three main things to consider before undertaking a conversion and Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Ltd are here to help. Based in Epsom, our team of loft conversion specialists have been carrying out attic conversions in Banstead for over 20 years.


Why Undertake a Loft Conversion?


Were you aware that loft conversions can add a significant amount of value to your property? Well, hiring the loft conversion specialists at Jones Brothers to perform the procedure could add as much as 20% to the overall resale price of your home, quickly and at a surprisingly affordable price.


Many families in the Banstead area choose to convert their lofts as a means of creating more space without having to move home. In addition, the work taking place in the loft is likely to be less disruptive to households, compared to alternatives like a major extension.


Is My Loft Convertible?


Before we begin work on any attic conversions, a professional member of our team is able to assess whether the lofts in question are suitable for conversion. As experts in difficult loft conversions, the vast majority of lofts we come across in Banstead can be converted with ease by our loft conversion specialists. However, there are three main things that we need to check to be sure:


  1. The primary consideration is the internal height of the existing attic, from underneath the ridge board in the apex to the top of the ceiling joist. Some argue that attic conversions can be undertaken with as little as 2.2 metres of space available in the useable part of the roof, which is true. However, our loft conversion specialists agree that to be ideal for conversion, lofts should have at least 2.5 metres of useable space.
  2. The second thing to consider is the pitch of the roof of your Banstead home. Usually, as long as the pitch is over 30°, then it is suitable for loft conversions. The higher the angle of the pitch, the greater the central head height will be.
  3. The third consideration is the footprint of existing lofts. As a rule of thumb, internal walls should measure a minimum of 5.5 metres from side to side (including the chimney). The attic walls should also measure at least 7.5 metres from front to back.

For cost effective attic conversions for your Banstead home, please call Jones Brothers Loft Conversions Ltd. Our loft conversion specialists can be reached on 0208 393 8545.

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